Kindness and truth shall meet;

justice and peace shall kiss.

Truth shall spring out of the earth,

and justice shall look down from heaven

-Isaiah 35:4

Return to Dallas a Quick Synopsis by Robert  P. Fitton

As America Saw it...

Friday Morning: The President's trip to Texas is going well...

JFK Fort Worth Breakfast November 22, 1963 LIVE TV coverage

The Ochelli Effect

The Presidential party flies to Love Field in Dallas...

JFK - Dallas 22 November 1963

The motorcade meandered through downtown Dallas toward the Trade Mart... The easiest route was straight ahead (center and under railroad bridge connecting to the freeway.)

Dealey Plaza, Dallas Texas

November 22, 1963

Audio Feed Part One

November 22, 1963

Audio Feed Part Two

Just before the shots

Elm Street-12:30 PM

November 22, 1963

Mary Moorman Polaroid Photo

Witnesses running up and on the Grassy Knoll.

Parkland Hospital...

JFK dead at 1:00PM.

LBJ leaves Parkland

Assistant Press Secretary Malcolm Kilduff announces the death of President Kennedy and attributes it to a frontal shot in the brain.

The News Coverage Begins...



Attention Elm and Houston is reported to be an unknown white male, all squads. Attention all squads. The suspect in the shooting at approximately thirty, slender build, height five feet ten inches, weight one hundred sixty-five pounds, reported to be armed with what is thought to be a 30 caliber rifle. Attention all squads. The suspect from Elm and Houston is reported to be an unknown white male about thirty, slender build, five feet ten inches tall, one hundred sixty-five pounds, armed with what is thought to be a 30-30 rifle. No further description at this time, or information. 


November 22, 1963

David Von Pein's JFK Channel

NBC News 1:30 P.M - 6:30 P.M

November 22, 1963

David Von Pein's JFK Channel

1:09 P.M.

Officer J.D. Tippit is killed in the Oak Cliff section of Dallas...the housekeeper of Oswald’s rooming house, Earlene Roberts, saw Oswald waiting outside, as if for a ride or a bus, at around 1:04 p.m., and Tippit was killed at 1:08 or 1:09 nine-tenths of a mile away. Oswald could not have walked there in that time, and no one reported seeing him either walking or being driven to the scene of that crime.

1:18 P.M.

General Broadcast - All squads, we have a report that an officer has been involved in a shooting in the 400 E. 10th...

Dallas Police Officer J. D. Tippit and the Texas Theater arrest

November 22, 1963

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Part Three

1:50 PM: Oswald in police custody...

With Kennedy's body on Air Force One, LBJ takes the oath of office...

AF 1 radio transmissions Nov 22 1963. With Subtitles.


Arrival at Andrews Air Force Base


Arrival of the Kennedy Party from Dallas on Nov. 22 1963

The hallways were swarming with reporters and cameramen as Oswald was being led from room to room at Dallas Police Headquarters.

7:10 PM: Oswald arraigned for the murder of Tippit.

11:26 PM: Oswald is charged with the murder of JFK. 

Dan Rather emerges and reports on Oswald arrest.

12:05 AM Oswald appears before the media in the basement...


Web Page:

"Dallas, Texas: November 22, 1963"

It’s critical to understand the American context at the time of President Kennedy’s assassination. The country was on the upswing with a trusted government with a new generation of leaders. Not many knew how deeply high generals held President Kennedy in contempt and branded him a traitor. The stealth activity of the Central Intelligence Agency was unknown to the citizens of the United States. This included a long string of coup d'état operations around the world. The CIA assassination programs were in full force in 1963, with teams of shooters and true believers. (including ZR/RIFLE in Cuba) The influx of the Nazi intelligence operatives (Operation Paperclip) into the CIA and other intelligence entities, was unthinkable. Operation Mockingbird and the CIA injection of assets into the media would have seemed like an Ian Fleming spy novel. J. Edgar Hoover and the FBI as an institution was incorruptible. This naiveté was a blank check for those involved in the president’s death to confabulate a well-constructed narrative by CIA officers who were the best in the world at what they did. On this web page, the video demonstrates the narrative about Oswald was broadcast on the TV networks in the afternoon on November 22, 1963. The corrupt elements of the Dallas Police force, which included certain officers being at critical places, evidence planted, chain of evidence disrupted and solving the case instantly would never have been suspected by most Americans in 1963. A cadre of the Secret Service allowed a lapse insecurity to assure Kennedy’s demise. And let us not forget the immense grief with the abrupt removal of a of a vital young president and the quest to pin the blame on Oswald. The smearing and exaggeration of Oswald’s personality as a lone nut provided “the reason” why the president was killed. The psychological manipulators in the CIA knew all this. In the end, those we trusted those in high positions betrayed a personal and national trust with their people.

Return to Dallas


Last year after feedback and subsequent new information I decided to revamp my novel 1963. The new book would begin much later in the novel, jettisoning some science fiction and adventure before Patch Kincaid’s return to Dallas. Thus, because the novel if about the Kennedy Assassination Patch would enter 1963 in the beginning of the new book. Also, I had to yank out several myths about the assassination, which required rewriting and re-recording. Leaving this information in the book would have been unethical as well as draw away from getting to the heart of the matter as of 2020. The new novel is available in Audible, paperback and kindle. Science fiction is still in the book but only enhances the events of November 22nd, 1963 in Dealey Plaza.


Return to Dallas is an encyclopedic sourced novel surveilling Lee Oswald in the summer and fall of 1963 as well as highlighting the surrounding plot to assassinate President John F. Kennedy. Return to Dallas utilizes the evolving information while discarding debunked JFK Assassination theories. Photographs paint the era in vivid color rather than aging vintage black and white stills.

Those associated with the plot to kill Jack Kennedy as well as peripheral characters are woven into a pertinent historical context. The listener will soon understand the whirlwind around Lee Harvey Oswald and why President Kennedy was removed from office.

Why are Oswald’s movements around the southern United States in the summer and fall of 1963 relevant? The Kennedy Assassination is now part of history and the narrative of Lee Oswald shooting the president from a sixth-floor window is mired in the public consciousness. Oswald was more aware of the plot than one would believe.

Return to Dallas informs the listener of abnormalities in Oswald’s activities not only in 1963 but in his previous years and explains the legend built by the intelligence agencies. The surrounding cast of military, intelligence and government characters should alert even the most adamant lone gunman advocates to the truth. Better to investigate the truth and not believe fairy tales.

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