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After World War II, John Foster Dulles would hold a forceful position in the Eisenhower administration as the Secretary of State, while his brother Allen would become the longest serving director of the Central Intelligence Agency, respectively. The Dulles brothers’ tremendous influence on twentieth-century U.S. diplomacy and geopolitical strategy further blurred the line between the corporate policy of Sullivan & Cromwell, its clients, and U.S. foreign policy itself. In a sense, William Nelson Cromwell’s dream of working to serve the interests of the most dominant corporations while expanding Sullivan & Cromwell’s influence to the highest offices in America was fulfilled.


Harnessing the Growth of Corporate Capitalism: Sullivan & Cromwell and its influence on late Nineteenth-century American business    


Immovable Forces

JFK Challenges the Status Quo

Kennedy's real foreign policy is a closely guarded secret...

Fletcher Prouty.

The Existence of a High Cabal or Power Elite



While in Saigon, Kennedy met an American diplomat named Edmund Gullion. Gullion advised Kennedy that France’s Indochina war to hang onto Vietnam was not really about democracy versus communism. For the Vietnamese it was really about a choice between colonialism and independence. He impressed upon Kennedy that the Viet Minh rebellion in the south, supervised by northern nationalist leader Ho Chi Minh, could not be extinguished by France since too many Vietnamese were willing to die rather than stay a colony of the Europeans. France could not win such a long and brutal war of attrition. 22 There is no doubt that his talks with Gullion and others had a strong impact on Kennedy’s thinking about both the Cold War and the Third World struggle for independence. Robert Kennedy, who accompanied his brother on this journey, later said that the seven weeks they spent in the Far East had a major effect on Kennedy’s foreign policy views.

Jim DiEugenio,-Destiny Betrayed:

JFK, Cuba, and the Garrison Case


Remarks of Senator John F. Kennedy at the Commencement Exercises of Boston College, Chestnut Hill, Massachusetts, June 13, 1956

Senator Kennedy Breaks with Eisenhower and the Establishment.

Tuesday, July 2, 1957

JFK is on the floor of the senate this day and gives a speech that generally denounced France for their colonialism in Algeria and their opposition to the fight for Algerian independence.

The speech raised eyebrows in several political factions, not least because John Kennedy had never been to Algeria or taken much interest in the affairs in Northern Africa before he sided with the independence movement in his recently released 1960 book The Strategy of Peace.

The speech was seen by many as a self-serving attempt by Kennedy to latch onto a foreign policy issue that would increase his profile. It was soundly denounced in even the most left-leaning French publications like Le Monde and was also panned by the New York Times,

…(Kennedy) had added fuel to a raging fire… To be of service in a situation like this requires the utmost delicate exercise of diplomacy and not a smashing public attack… Neither from the French nor American point of view is the problem as clear or simple as Senator Kennedy tries to make it. Perhaps the strongest criticism of the Senator’s efforts is that he has run a strong risk of making the situation worse…

In addition to his newsmaking Senate speech, JFK is also in the news this day when The Washington Daily News reports on an address JFK gave to the 2000 teenager boys at the Key Club International Convention. Despite his best-selling book Profiles in Courage about eight senators who refused to compromise their principles or position, JFK tells the group to learn the art of compromise

“because it is compromise that holds the union together.”

Also included in his remarks that day was,

Daily JFK

John F. Kennedy Speecch

White House ( John F. Kennedy Speech)

00:00 / 08:34

John F. Kennedy Speech, January 9, 1961

City Upon a Hill Speech. Address before the Massachusetts General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Massachusetts State House, Boston, MA.

CIA Complicit Assassination:

Patrice Lumumba, the first prime minister of Congo after its independence from Belgium in June 1960, was forced from office as the country's civil war deepened and was captured by rivals. He was killed on January 17 1961, becoming one of the key martyrs of the African independence struggle.

John F. Kennedy

35th President of the United States


"If a beachhead of cooperation may push back the jungle of suspicion, let both sides join in creating a new endeavor, not a new balance of power, but a new world of law, where the strong are just and the weak secure and the peace preserved.

All this will not be finished in the first one hundred days. Nor will it be finished in the first one thousand days, nor in the life of this Administration, nor even perhaps in our lifetime on this planet. But let us begin."

-Inaugural address, Washington D.C. (20 January 1961

"We are pledged to work with our sister republics to free the Americas of all such foreign domination and all tyranny, working toward the goal of a free hemisphere of free governments, extending from Cape Horn to the Arctic Circle."


-State of the Union message to Congress

Jan 30, 1961     

The Bay of Pigs


The Cuban incursion, an Eisenhower operation, landing beachhead changed, was sabotaged by the CIA. Kennedy said he did not want to use American air attacks. Yet, they blamed him even after his death for not sending in the air power.


-Bay of Pigs, the CIA's Biggest Fiasco,

The Bay of Pigs


The Cuban incursion, an Eisenhower operation, landing beachhead changed, was sabotaged by the CIA. Kennedy said he did not want to use American air attacks. Yet, they blamed him even after his death for not sending in the air power.


-Bay of Pigs, the CIA's Biggest Fiasco,

"We cannot merely state our opposition to totalitarian advance without paying the price of helping those now under the greatest pressure."

Delivered to a Joint Session of Congress on May 25, 1961

The Peace Corps

"Freedom is not merely a word or an abstract theory, but the most effective instrument for advancing the welfare of man."

-JFK Message to the Inter-American Economic and Social Conference at Punta del Este, Uruguay

Alliance for Progress:

Economic cooperation between the U.S. and Latin America.

November 29, the White House released a resignation letter signed by Alan Dulles. Dulles begin operating a shadow agency in Georgetown.

On December 19, 1961, Joseph Kennedy suffered a stroke that paralyzed the right side of his body and left him barely able to communicate, although his intellect was unimpaired.

June 14, 1962



Lee Harvey Oswald, having renounced his US citizenship and offering to give the Soviets secret information, leaves the Soviet Union easily, and debriefed by the CIA, arrives in Fort Worth. 

Thomas Merton in a letter to his friend W. H. Ferry, quoted by James Douglass in JFK and the Unspeakable,

page 11.

— JFK and the Unspeakable  


I think he cannot fully measure up to the magnitude of his task and lacks creative imagination and the deeper kind of sensitivity that is needed. Too much the Time and Life mentality, than which I can imagine nothing further, in reality, from, say, Lincoln. What is needed is really not shrewdness or craft, but what politicians don’t have: depth, humanity and a certain totality of self forgetfulness and compassion, not just for individuals but for man as a whole: a deeper kind of dedication. Maybe Kennedy will break through into that someday by miracle. But such people are before long marked out for assassination.

Acting on our own, by ourselves, we cannot establish justice throughout the world; we cannot insure its domestic tranquility, or provide for its common defense, or promote its general welfare, or secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity. But joined with other free nations, we can do all this and more. We can assist the developing nations to throw off the yoke of poverty. We can balance our worldwide trade and payments at the highest possible level of growth. We can mount a deterrent powerful enough to deter any aggression. And ultimately we can help to achieve a world of law and free choice, banishing the world of war and coercion.


Address at Independence Hall by John F. Kennedy in Independence Square at Independence Hall in Philadelphia (4 July 1962).

Concerned that General Lansdale's various covert action plans under Operation Mongoose were simply becoming more outrageous and going nowhere, Robert Kennedy told him to simply drop all anti-Castro efforts. Instead, Lansdale was ordered to concentrate for the next three months on gathering intelligence about Cuba. It was a humiliating defeat for Lansdale, a man more accustomed to praise than to scorn.


-Dropping nuclear bombs on major North Korean cities was also LeMay’s idea to force an end to the Korean War at its inception.

-In 1948 he was put in charge of Strategic Air Command - in the pre-ICBM era, America's bomber force was its primary deterrent, and the Soviet Union had not yet closed the 'warhead gap'. LeMay was therefore in favour of a pre-emptive strike against the Soviet Union..

General Curtis LeMay

Concerned that General Lansdale's various covert action plans under Operation Mongoose were simply becoming more outrageous and going nowhere, Robert Kennedy told him to simply drop all anti-Castro efforts. Instead, Lansdale was ordered to concentrate for the next three months on gathering intelligence about Cuba. It was a humiliating defeat for Lansdale, a man more accustomed to praise than to scorn.

Bill Harvey, 'the American James Bond.'

August 1962:


Reported plot to kill President Kennedy in Los Angeles

- Executive officer of Los Angeles Fair Play for Cuba Committee (only member)

- ACLU member the last months of his life (like Lee Harvey Oswald)

- Organized a demonstration against President Kennedy during the Cuban Missile Crisis

- Marlow visited the Cuban Consulate in Mexico City twice to procure a visa to Cuba

Marlow's affiliated group demonstrated in front of the Beverly Hilton and waited for JFK but the president arrived by helicopter.

Bill Harvey: October 1, 1962:


Headed Executive Action for the CIA to assassinate foreign leaders


- With General Edward Lansdale ran "Operation Mongoose " for sabotage and convert action against Castro.


- In charge of "Task Force W " and " ZR/RIFLE" to overthrow Castro's government. Worked with Johnny Roselli and mafia leaders.

- If he was in the military Harvey would have been a general.


- On October 1, 1962 intelligence brought him into the New Orleans hotbed. Carlos Hernandez might be a communist.


- Lee Harvey Oswald interacted with Hernandez less than a year later and was arrested with him in August of 1963.


-During the Cuban Missile Crisis Bobby Kennedy ordered all covert action against Cuba to cease.


-Harvey overrides the Attorney General and ordered three commando teams to Cuba.


- Bobby Kennedy relieves Harvey and sends him to the Rome station.


-On a plane to Dallas just before November 22, 1963 to

" look around."

October 12, 1962:


Lee Harvey Oswald is now employed at Jaggers-Chiles-Stoval in Dallas.


  (during the Cuban missile Crisis.)

During the Cuban Missle Crisis photographs of the Russian missiles in Cuba were forwarded to the White House. The processing company was Jaggers-Chiles-Stoval.

We will not prematurely or unnecessarily risk the costs of a worldwide nuclear war in which even the fruits of victory would be ashes in our mouth — but neither shall we shrink from that risk any time it must be faced.

-JFK,Cuban missile crisis-22 October 1962

October, 1962


The World on the Precipice of Nuclear War

General Curtis LeMay

Air Force chief of staff


"the Soviets won't take Berlin if we act in Cuba but will take it if we fail to act ...


"This is almost as bad as the appeasement at Munich.... I just don't see any other solution except direct military intervention right now...

LeMay wanted Kennedy to implement a first nuclear first strike: " give the Russians the "Sunday punch" before they did it to us."

Arthur Schlesinger:

The United States won the Cuban Missile Crisis...During the Cuban Missile Crisis, facing intense pressure from the Joint Chiefs...

October 22, 1962


President Kennedy speaks to the people of the United States

Good evening my fellow citizens:

This Government, as promised, has maintained the closest surveillance of the Soviet Military buildup on the island of Cuba. Within the past week, unmistakable evidence has established the fact that a series of offensive missile sites is now in preparation on that imprisoned island. The purpose of these bases can be none other than to provide a nuclear strike capability against the Western Hemisphere.

Call to Eisenhower

February 13, 1963:

Enter George De Mohrenschildt

J. Walton Moore, CIA man in Dallas had spoken to De Mohrenschildt in 1961 about Oswald in the Soviet Union. In early 1963 Moore asks De Mohrenschildt to talk about the Soviet Union with the just returned Oswald.

February 13, 1963:

Lee Harvey Oswald and his wife Marina Prusakova Oswald to a dinner party at long time CIA asset, oil investor and speculator George De Mohrenschildt’s home. 

Oswald passed off to Ruth and Michael Paine four months After the Cuban Missile Crisis...

February 22, 1963


Enter Ruth Paine

-Mrs. Paine's father noted for his CIA field reports.


- Sister was a CIA staff psychologist in Virginia


- Extended trip east before physically transporting Marina to Dallas.


 -November 22, 1963: Numerous metal filing cabinets full of letters, maps, records and index cards with names of pro-Castro sympathizers were found in her garage.


February 22, 1963:



Another dinner party where Lee and Marina attend gathering at the home of Everett Glover. Here they meet Ruth Hyde Paine.


Mafia's Handsome Johnnie Roselli becomes close friends with Bill Harvey

April 1963

Bill Harvey

- Harvey's Church Committee testimony: Roselli calls Harvey in April of 1963.

- April 13, 1963: Harvey cheeked into The Plantation Yacht Harbor motel /marina in Plantation Key, Florida. Room 22.

-QJWIN/ZRRIFLE expense records: His guest is John A. Rallston, (Johnny Rosselli) 56510 Wilshire Blvd ,the Friars Club, Los Angeles, registered in the next room.

- Harvey for three days called Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Miami, Perrine, FL (possibly JM/WAVE station).

-Records list: a boat chartered to go to Islamorada, Florida.

-April 20, 1963: Reimbursement for dinner for two unofficial Americans and Harvey at the Fountainbleu Hotel in Miami and "operational hotel rooms" at the Eden Roc Hotel in Miami.

May 9, 1963: New Orleans:


Oswald begins a two month " employment run" at the Reily Coffee Co. 

May 1963:

Lee Harvey Oswald Heads to New Orleans.

When Oswald came to New Orleans, he was hired as an oiler greasing coffee machines at Reily Coffee Company for two months between May-July of 1963.



The two Reily brothers were active in anti-Castro politics. Eustis Reily supported the right-wing propaganda operation known as INCA (Information Council of the Americas).


     William Reily backed the Crusade to Free Cuba Committee, filled with luminaries like Claire Boothe Luce of Time-Life who raised funds for the would-be government-in exile, the Cuban Revolutionary Committee (CRC).


Bill Simpich

The Twelve that built the Oswald Legend

President John F. Kennedy American University Commencement Address June 10, 1963

A remarkable change in U.S. Foreign Policy.

So, let us not be blind to our differences—but let us also direct attention to our common interests and to the means by which those differences can be resolved. And if we cannot end now our differences, at least we can help make the world safe for diversity. For, in the final analysis, our most basic common link is that we all inhabit this small planet. We all breathe the same air. We all cherish our children's future. And we are all mortal.

-President John F. Kennedy American University Commencement Address June 10, 1963


Powerful Forces Oppose the Civil Rights of African Americans.

" You can never whip these birds unless you Jews and them separate. I found that out in Birmingham. You have to keep whites and black separate."

-Bull Conner- Commissioner of Public Safety for the city of Birmingham, Alabama

We preach freedom around the world, and we mean it, and we cherish our freedom here at home, but are we to say to the world, and much more importantly, to each other that this is a land of the free except for the Negroes; that we have no second-class citizens except Negroes; that we have no class or caste system, no ghettos, no master race except with respect to Negroes?


President Kennedy:

Civil Rights Speech: June 11, 1963

June 11, 1963:


Governor George C. Wallace attempts to block the admission of black students, Vivian Malone and James Hood, at University of Alabama.

President Kennedy:

Speech on Civil Rights: June 11, 1963

A radical change of course.


On September 20, 1963, Richard Case Nagell walked into a bank in El Paso, Texas. He fired two shots into the wall near the ceiling, walked back out to his car, and waited to be arrested. Subsequently, Nagell would claim he was a double (or triple) agent of U.S. and the KGB, that he knew Lee Harvey Oswald and was monitoring the JFK assassination plot which involved Cuban exiles, and that he had been ordered to kill Oswald to prevent the plot from being carried out.

October 25, 1963: Michael Paine and LHO attend a meeting of the ACLU.

June 26, 1963


President Kennedy offers the hope of freedom to the oppressed behind the communist wall. Twenty-six years later... the Berlin Wall fell.

"Ich bin ein Berliner"

There are many people in the world who really don't understand, or say they don't, what is the great issue between the free world and the Communist world.

Let them come to Berlin.

There are some who say -- There are some who say that communism is the wave of the future.

Let them come to Berlin.

And there are some who say, in Europe and elsewhere, we can work with the Communists.

Let them come to Berlin.

And there are even a few who say that it is true that communism is an evil system, but it permits us to make economic progress.

Lass' sie nach Berlin kommen.

Let them come to Berlin...

June 26, 1963

John F. Kennedy Berlin Speech


Radio and Television Address to

the American People on the

Nuclear Test Ban Treaty

July 26,1963.

Yesterday a shaft of light cut into the darkness. Negotiations were concluded in Moscow on a treaty to ban all nuclear tests in the atmosphere, in outer space, and under water. For the first time, an agreement has been reached on bringing the forces of nuclear destruction under international control-a goal first sought in 1946 when Bernard Baruch presented a comprehensive control plan to the United Nations.

Peace is a daily, a weekly, a monthly process, gradually changing opinions, slowly eroding old barriers, quietly building new structures. And however undramatic the pursuit of peace, that pursuit must go on.

JFK-Address Before the 18th General Assembly of the United Nations

September 20,1963.

I look forward to a great future for America, a future in which our country will match its military strength with our moral restraint, its wealth with our wisdom, its power with our purpose. I look forward to an America which will not be afraid of grace and beauty, which will protect the beauty of our natural environment, which will preserve the great old American houses and squares and parks of our national past, and which will build handsome and balanced cities for our future.

Amherst College, Amherst, Massachusetts October 26, 1963.

June 1963:


- Harvey is reportedly seen once again in Florida meeting with John Roselli.


- Harvey visits anti-Castro camps.


- Asset is paid $2,700 for expenses.


-Castro assassination plots on hold.


- A cache of $150,000 remains

Berlin: June 1963

General Lyman Lemnitzer

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