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The Kennedy Paradox-A Quick Synopsis

The Bay of Pigs

(Oswald did it, right?)

JFK Betrayed

The New Frontier

JFK Takes the Reins of Government:

President John F. Kennedy Inaugural Address

January 20, 1961

An Eisenhower Plan Evolves

President Kennedy inherits from his predecessor President Dwight D. Eisenhower, a plan to overthrow Castro the using Cuban exiles.

Richard Bissel

March 1960:

Richard Bissell formulates code-named JMARC similair to CIA's PBSUCCESS ,the 1954 coup d'état in Guatemala.

Castro had to be removed just before any invasion took place. If this did not happen, the plan would not work.

August 1960: Eisenhower authorizes $13m to pay for JMARC.

Johnny Roselli

Sam Giancana

Robert Maheu, CIA counter-espionage specialist, told to offer the mob $150,000 to kill Fidel Castro. Johnny Roselli and Sam Giancana are aboard and the FBI cuts back Mafia prosecution.

November 18, 1960: Palm Beach: Bissell and Allen W. Dulles shows JMARC to Kennedy.


- 750 man assult force adjacent to Trinidad, on the south coast of Cuba.

- Trinidad filled with Castro.haters according to CIA.

- Force would gather volunteers against Fidel.

- Troops dropped from planes would take roads and join force wit the rebels in the Escambray Mountains.

March 1961: John F. Kennedy asked the Joint Chiefs of Staff to vet the JMARC project. As a result of “plausible deniability” 30%. Therefore, they could not recommend that Kennedy went along with the JMARC project.

At a meeting on 11th March, 1961, Kennedy rejected Bissell’s proposed scheme.

Bissell's New Plan:

The invasion would focus at Bahia de Cochinos, away from the Escambray Mountains and separated by Zapater Swamp. Dulles believed that Kennedy would cave and order in the U.S. military when the troops could not join the rebels in the mountains.

10th April, 1961:

Bissell tells Bobby Kennedy the revised plan had a 66% chance to succeed..

April 13th, 1961:

JFK reduces B-26s from 16 to eight. Bissell believes, like Dulles, that Kennedy would change his mind if the invasion faltered.

April 14th, 1961:

Airfields bombed by B-26's over Cuba.

President Kennedy Press Conference

April 12, 1961


April 15th, 1961:

1,400 Cuban exiles invade Cuba at the Bay of Pigs. Kennedy, who made clear he would not order in US air power, does as he said and withholds U.S. air power.

General Lyman Lemnitzer

Joint Chiefs of Staff

Admiral Arleigh Burke,

Chief of Naval Operations

April 18th, 1961:

Bissell pressures Kennedy early in the morning, pleading that the force was about to be defeated by Castro and his troops. Kennedy does not reverse his orders. Pressure mounts on the president from General Lyman Lemnitzer, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and Admiral Arleigh Burke, Chief of Naval Operations. Bissell claims the invasion can be salvaged with air cover. Lemnitzer states his support of the the guerrillas in the Escambray Mountains. But 20,000 Cuban troops now stand in their way. The Brigade surrenders and hundreds are dead.

General Curtis Lemay believed Kennedy a coward and was clearly upset when there were no air strikes. JFK said for the outset there would be no air strikes.

“You just cut the throats of everybody on the beach down there.”

-General Curtis Le May

John F. Kennedy and General Curtis LeMay

JFK Bay of Pigs Statement:

President Kennedy takes full responsibility for the failure of the Bay of Pigs.

November 1961:

Dulles told to resign and is replaced by John A. McCone. Bissel's replacement is Richard Helms. (right)

President Kennedy Address to the American Society of Newspaper Editors

April 20, 1961


Colonel L. Fletcher Prouty provides background on the Bay of Pigs. For a complete selection of Colonel Prouty's materials go to:

Book, The Devil's Chessboard, on Ex-Director Allen Dulles Questions Agency's Role.

The Bay of Pigs Invasion Against Castro: A Perfect Failure For the U.S.

Col. L. Fletcher Prouty Explains the Bay of Pigs & Vietnam

How Could I have Been So Stupid? A podcast by Robert P. Fitton

In 1986, led by terrorist Carlos Sánchez, nuclear devices are planted in American cities. New York and other cities are swallowed up in fireballs and terrorists close in on the secret time travel

complex in Colorado. Physicist Ray Meinkewitz plans to send Patch Kincaid two weeks back in time to warn the world of the pending doom.With the complex under assault, the powerful time chamber elements malfunction. Patch is sent back in time to prevent the destruction but he lands in 1961. He makes contact with the Ray

Meinkewitz of 1961 and then the intelligence agencies get involved.

Patch and Meinkewitz are flown to Cuba where they chase the young Carlos Sánchez directly into the Bay of Pigs invasion. On the ground during the attack Patch faces Castro's soldiers and jets above. Behind enemy lines he and Meinkewitz track Carlos into rural Cuba.Patch’s actions in 1961 result in President John F. Kennedy’s assassination in Dallas, Texas on November 22, 1963.


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