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"Conspirators on the Ground"

-Enablers: A few bad apples in the Secret Service.

-Contemporary Witness Accounts.

-Persons of Interest in Dallas.

John Martino: Anti Castro Exile and Trafficante compadre, speaking to his wife just before Dallas....


"Flo, they're going to kill him (Kennedy). They're going to kill him when he gets to Texas." 

My involvement with the plans to assassinate John F. Kennedy commenced at the end of June, 1963. On July 1, I was contacted by (CIA head of Domestic Operations Officer) Tracy Barnes. He requested that I purchase four Mannlicher 7.35 mm surplus rifles. According to Barnes, the rifles were available in the Baltimore area from Sunny's Supply Stores. Upon my agreement to make the purchase, Barnes requested that I alter the forepiece of each rifle so that the rifles could be dismantled, hidden and reassembled quickly. I thought this last request odd until I was informed that the rifles were to be used for a clandestine operation.

One day later I received a second phone call. It was Eladio del Valle calling from, I assumed, Miami. He asked me to supply him with four transceivers which were not detectable by any communications equipment then available on the market. Although his request seemed impossible, I told him that I had an idea which might fulfill his requirement. I could provide him with sub-miniaturized units whose operation would be confined to a range of fifty or one hundred kilohertz. To operate any sizable distance, the units would require an antenna at least several feet in length. A wire taped to the user's leg would easily suffice for this purpose. The set-up would not be pretty, but I could assure him that no one would be monitoring these low frequencies.

Del Valle then requested that I deliver the transceivers and the rifles to David Ferrie. I was surprised by Ferrie's involvement in the transaction. Barnes, in our previous conversation, had neither informed me that the rifles were being made for Clay Shaw in New Orleans nor that David Ferrie would be the person responsible for picking them up once I had completed the required alterations. Del Valle explained to me that the rifles and communications equipment were for his Free Cuba Committee, and that Clay and Ferrie were assisting him in the operation. I assured him that the equipment would be ready on time as I would immediately order the Motorola-made special transceiver units. Motorola was manufacturing the units for railroad communications equipment; they were relatively easy to secure.

The radio transceivers for del Valle were more difficult to create than I had originally thought they'd be. An unusual amount of power was required for them to transmit over any significant distance. To solve this dilemma, I included an extra pack of four "D" type battery cells to be used for transmitting purposes only. The pack was plugged into the transceiver unit and could easily be carried in the user's pocket. Ironically, I later learned from del Valle that the transmission time was to be limited to five minutes, which meant my additional adjustments had been unnecessary.

Robert Morrow, First Hand Knowledge

Colonel L. Fletcher Prouty: Dallas Motorcade lacked Protection.

Kennedy Assassination video Secret Service Dealey Plaza Vince Palamara Night Fright Brent Holland

Kennedy Assassination video Secret Service Dealey Plaza Vince Palamara Night Fright Brent Holland.

Driver: William Greer

Decelerated limo.

Emory Roberts

In Charge of Agents

Floyd Boring

Planning the Dallas trip.

Tom Shipman, JFK's driver dies at Camp David a month before Dallas.

Emory Roberts orders Agent Rypka told to stand down at

Love Field as motorcade begins.

Open windows along the parade route

Santo Trafficante, the Florida boss who died in 1987,

told Cuban exile leader Jose Aleman

that JFK wouldn't be re-elected because

"He's going to be hit"-

Were turns a violation of security regulations?

by John White

The answer is yes according to Jim Marrs in his book Crossfire: The Plot That Killed Kennedy (1989):

"President Kennedy rode right into the middle of (an ambush) in an open limousine that violated security regulations by making a 120-degree turn in front of the Texas School Book Depository."

Security regulations had already been violated in making the 1st turn. When security is compromised (slowing down, stopping, turning) then additional protective measures were to be used.*

*Agents riding on running boards of the President's car, having additional security in the crowds, making sure windows of buildings are secured.

There is no evidence to suggest any of these additional security actions were taken after the motorcade turned onto Houston Street.

Why were these turns were made in the first place?

The Warren Report (1964) said it was "impossible" to access the Stemmons Freeway by way of Main Street.

"The Elm Street approach to the Stemmons Freeway is necessary in order to avoid the traffic hazards which would otherwise exist if right turns were permitted from both Main & Elm into the freeway.

To create this traffic pattern, a concrete barrier between Main and Elm Streets presents an obstacle to a right turn from Main across Elm to the access road to Stemmons Freeway and the Dallas-Fort Worth Turnpike."

While this may be true for normal circumstances in 1963, this was the President & if his security was top priority, it should have been simple for the Secret Service to have a temporary ramp placed over the concrete barrier or to have a part of the barrier removed.

If this had been done, the motorcade could have proceeded through the Main-Houston intersection & avoided the turns altogether.

The official answer is it was either "impossible" or at best "impracticable" to reach the freeway by staying on Main Street so the turns were necessary.

In the "conspiracy" view, JFK was brought into the "killing zone" by making these turns.

Col. L. Fletcher Prouty on Ed Lansdale being in Dealey Plaza on Nov 22 1963

Rose Cherami

Told police Lt. Francis Fruge she had been traveling with two men from Florida to Dallas,that JFK would be murdered in Dallas. Doctors and nurses overheard the warning.

After the shots ended men behind the grassy knoll stockade fence produced Secret Service badges. Two men leaving the Texas School Book Depository also showed badges to a police officer. The only Secret Service personnel, however, were in the motorcade. The CIA’s Technical Services Division led by Sidney Gottlieb left) controlled and printing of all Secret Service badges and are thus linked to the false credentials these men in the plaza.

Witness Video

James L. Simmons



Sam Holland

Richard C. Dodd

Lee Bowers, Jr.

Charles Brehm

Orville Nix

James Tague

Ed Hoffman

Transmitters in the Plaza

Grassy knoll JFK assassin 1 of 2

Grassy knoll JFK assassin 2 of 2

Gordon Arnold, Badge Man, Spotter

JFK Assassination Witnesses who say a shot and smoke came from behind the picket fence  

The Umbrella Goes Up-The Shooting Starts

Suspicious Characters

Loran Hall

Intercontinental Penetration Force


Lucien Sarti


Produced the fatal JFK shot.

Lucien Sarti worked for the French-Corsican heroin trafficker and convicted Nazi collaborator, Auguste Joseph Ricord.

John Martino

Organized Crime-connected to

Santo Trafficante

Virgilio Gonzalez

Anti-Castro Militant

Watergate Burglar

Lee Harvey Oswald

FBI and CIA Asset

Penetrated the anti-Castro ploy to kill John F. Kennedy.

Frank Sturgis

Anti-Castro Militant

Watergate Burglar

Sergio Arcacha-Smith

Anti-Castro Militant

Eugenio Martinez

Anti-Castro Militant

Watergate Burglar

Lawrence Howard

Intercontinental Penetration Force


Jim Brayden

Mafia courier, arrested over thirty times.. On November 22, 1963 Brayden was arrested at the Dal Tex Building next to the Depository. He had been seen at the Cabana Hotel with Jack Ruby the night before.

Roy Hargraves

Intercontinental Penetration Force


Bernard Barker

Cuban National/American Citizen

Central Intelligence Agency

Watergate Burglar

William Seymour

Intercontinental Penetration Force


Gerry Hemming

Intercontinental Penetration Force


Vidal Santiago

Anti-Castro Militant

Bernard DeTorres

Anti-Castro Militant

Jack Ruby

Organized Crime

Tony Cuesta

Anti-Castro Militant

Herminio Diaz Garcia

Anti-Castro Militant

Eladio del Valle

Anti-Castro Militant

E. Howard Hunt

Central Intelligence Agency

Watergate Burglar

Rip Robertson

Central Intelligence Agency

General Edward Lansdale

Air Force/Central Intelligence Agency

David Sanchez Morales

Central Intelligence Agency

Operational Personnel: Questionable presence in the plaza


Operation 40


Web Page:

"Conspirators on the Ground"

Security Lapses:


- Limo slow turn in violation of secret service regulations.

- Motorcycles moved back.

- No check of building windows along motorcade route being open.

- Roof tops not guarded.

- Agents removed near and on limo.

- Limo braked.

- Press in flatbed truck ahead is juxtaposed BEHIND LIMO instead of front.

- Ambulance taken away before Dealey Plaza.

- President Kennedy in the open limo was an open target.

Suspicious Operatives in Dallas and Dealey Plaza:

Since 1963 word has trickled out through government sources anti-Castro shooters from groups formed to overtake Cuba and kill Fidel Castro were in Dallas. Respected military sources have identified specific people who have taken down other governments through force, psychological warfare, and payoffs. Other members of the Central Intelligence Agency and La Cosa Nostra were in the Dallas area or near the plaza itself. A few policemen were tampering with the evidence. If all of this is left out of a report or scant security never talked about, no one will ever know. Oswald did it, right?

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