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The plot against the President...Mistakes mishaps and big mouths...

(Oswald did it, right?)

Not to worry... The Warren Commission will fix it...

A man and his spotter in the TSBD-visible to witnesses on the ground.

Interview with James R. Worrell - John F. Kennedy Assassination Witness

Yesterday afternoon at approximately 12:30 pm I was standing on the sidewalk against a building on the corner of Elm and Houston Streets watching the motorcade of the President. I heard a loud noise like a fire cracker or gun shots. I looked around to see where the noise came from. I looked up and saw the barrel of a rifle sticking out of a window over my head about 5 or 6 stories up. While I was looking at the gun it was fired again. I looked back at Mr. Kennedy and he was slumping over. I got scared and ran from the location. While I was running I heard the gun fire two more times. I ran from Elm Street to Pacific Avenue on Houston. When I was about 100 yards from the building, I stopped to get my breath and looked back at the building. I saw a w/m, 5'8" to 5'10", dark hair, average weight for height, dark shirt or jacket open down front, no hat, didn't have anything in his hands, come out of the building and run in the opposite direction from me. I then caught a bus to my home.

JFK assassination witness Arnold Rowland describes seeing a gunman at a different window

I looked up at the Texas Book Depository building and noticed that the second floor from the top had two adjoining windows which were open, and upon looking I saw what I thought was a man standing back about 15 feet from the windows and was holding in his arms what appeared to be a high-powered rifle because it looked like it had a scope on it. He appeared to be holding this at a parade rest sort of position. I mentioned this to my wife and merely made the remark that it must be the secret service men. This man appeared to be a white man and appeared to have a light colored shirt on, open at the neck. He appeared to be of slender build and appeared to have dark hair. In about 15 minutes President Kennedy passed the spot where we were standing and the motorcade had just turned west on Elm heading down the hill when I heard a noise which I thought to be a back fire. In fact some of the people around laughed and then in about 8 seconds I heard another report and in about 3 seconds a third report. My wife, who had a hold of my hand, started running and dragging me across the street and I never did look up again at this window.

JFK assassination witness Carolyn Walther describes seeing 2 different gunmen

I think I got out on the street about 12:15 or 12:20 - something along there. And we were looking around, back and forth. People were talking and laughing, and in a very good mood. And I looked at this building (Texas Book Depository) and saw a man with a gun, and there was another man standing to his right. I could not see all of this man, and I couldn't see his face.

The other man was holding a short gun. It wasn't as long as a rifle. He was holding it pointed down, and he was kneeling in the window, or sitting. His arms were on the window. He was holding the gun in a downward position, and he was looking downward. ...

Just as I was looking at this man the people started shouting "Here he comes, here he comes." So I looked the other way and forgot about the man.

The President passed us, and he was smiling, and everybody was waving. Then the last of the cars went by, and I heard the shot. I thought it was a firecracker. Then I started back to work, and it was along the curb, and then two shots right together, and then another one. I'm sure there were four shots.

And then I said "It's gunshots." And people started screaming. I told them that I saw the man had light hair, or brown, and was wearing a white shirt. I explained to the FBI agents that I wasn't sure about that. That was my impression on thinking about it later. That I thought that was the way the man was dressed. This other man was wearing a brown suit. That was all I could see, half of this man's body from his shoulders to his hips. He was facing the window. Evidently he was looking out. But his face was in the upper part, where the glass was dirty, and I couldn't see his face....

The first statement that I made, I said the man was on the fourth or fifth floor, and I still feel the same way.

An initial shot hits Elm Street pavement.

The Stemmens Freeway sign is hit(and later replaced)

Governor John Connally is shot by mistake after the President is hit.

James Tague is struck-indicating more than one gunman.

An extra bullet in the grass

Curb nicked and later removed.

Jean Hill(left)saw a bullet strike "at my feet" and kick up.

Oswald leaves but he was not the only employee to leave early that day.

Arrests in the Dal Tex building.

-A young man wearing a black leather jacket and black gloves escorted to Sheriff's Office.

Dallas Police: "Man had been up in the building across the street from the Book Depository without a good excuse."

Any written log or record of this interrogation or identity of this man being held

does not exist. The man simply vanished from the Sheriff's Office.


Larry Florer said he had asked where he could find a telephone and had been directed to the Dal Tex building. All lines being busy, Florer said he could not make his call and he was arrested as he left the building.was also arrested and detained for some hours.

Bullets: Implausible chain of custody.

J.D. Tippet is executed "gangland style." A few minutes before Tippit had signaled Oswald at his rooming house by beeping the cruiser horn. When Oswald did not respond Tippit was on the phone at the Top 10 records store(He used the phone often) and then he drove frantically around the Oak Cliff section of Dallas, only to stop, get out of the cruiser and be shot dead by two men.

Oswald not killed in the theater after a massive contingent of Dallas Police and other law enforcement personnel descend on the Texas Theater. He is assaulted, gets in a scuffle and then arrested. Others are taken in custody by police out the rear door.

Secret Service take Kennedy's corpse out of Dallas by force(brandishing guns) over the objection of the coroner Earl Rose.

Parkland Hospital

Dallas Police Headquarters

District Attorney Wade News Conference.

Ruby stalking Oswald-fails to kill Oswald.

JFK brought from Parkland Hospital to Love Field in a bronze casket.

JFK's body is removed from the bronze casket and placed in an aluminum shipping casket. JFK's body taken out of the funeral home bed sheets and arrives at Bethesda in plastic body bag and an aluminum shipping casket.

Jackie Kennedy changes the Secret Service/Military plan to bring her to the White House and separate her from the Dallas casket.She will go to Bethesda.

A helicopter was sent to Andrews AFB to pick up President Kennedy’s body for flight to an awaiting hearse at Bethesda: The shipping casket containing the President’s body arrived in a Hearse at Bethesda — a black Cadillac mortuary-type ambulance — at 6:35 PM.

The empty bronze casket arrives with Jackie Kennedy at 6:55 pm.

David Morales was involved in other covert operations of the CIA, reportedly including plots to assassinate Fidel Castro, training intelligence teams supporting the Bay of Pigs invasion of Cuba, the CIA's secret war in Laos and its controversial Operation Phoenix in Vietnam, and the hunting down of Che Guevara in Bolivia.

After Morales' retirement in 1975 he returned to his native Arizona, and died of a heart attack in 1978. HSCA investigator Gaeton Fonzi traced Morales to Wilcox, Arizona shortly after Morales' death, and talked to his lifelong friend Ruben Carbajal and a business associate of Morales' named Bob Walton. Walton told Fonzi of an evening, after many drinks, when Morales went into a tirade about Kennedy and particularly his failure to support the men of the Bay of Pigs. Morales finished this conversation by saying

"Well, we took care of that son of a bitch, didn't we?"

Carbajal, who had been present at the confession, corroborated it.

Morales was also named by Howard Hunt as a participant in the JFK assassination.

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