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1963 Podcasts

Perspective on the JFK Assassination and selected chapter readings from 1963 by Robert P. Fitton.

The Dirty Little Bastard

Lee Harvey Oswald attempted to buy guns from a known gunrunner in South Texas. Also, included is a reenactment from Robert P. Fitton's novel 1963.

" Will The Real Maurice Bishop Please Stand Up?"

Robert P. Fitton shows how the identity of Maurice Bishop was uncovered.

Jack Ruby's Kind of Town

The Chicago Plot and Jack Rubys links with the Outfit in Chicago are highlighted in two audio scenes from Robert P. Fitton's time travel novel 1963. At the outer rim of the spokes is Richard Cain, dabbling in many areas for Sam Giancana.

Johnny Roselli Dispatches Patch

Robert P. Fitton introduces chapters from his book 1963- mid-summer 1963 and Patch Kincaid's acceptance of Johnny Roselli's offer to perform surveillance of Lee Harvey Oswald. Patch and Shari drive to contacts in Las Vegas-Lewis McWillie and a visiting Jack Ruby . All the while Patch is in the literal cross hairs of his nemesis, Dr. Moon. at the

Oswald's Avatar

Robert P. Fitton, author of 1963, a documented novel of the months leading to to and including the Kennedy Assassination, responds to the Hulu movie 11-22-63 and the skewed portrayal of Lee Harvey Oswald. Such a description of Oswald can only be called Oswald's Avatar.

All You Need to Know

The man known as Lee Harvey Oswald in 11-22-63. is a confabulation of the Warren Commission Oswald, demonized and dehumanized. Robert P. Fitton 's book 1963 was written to show Lee Harvey Oswald's documented activities in the summer and fall 1963. Sample chapters in New Orleans and the bus to Mexico City are included.

Handsome Johnny Roselli-Strategist

Strategist : a person skilled in planning action or policy, especially in war or politics.

Robert P. Fitton adds biographical information on Johnny Roselli. Included in this podcast is lecture from JFK researcher Larry Hancock ( and investigative journalist Jack Anderson’s expose on the JFK assassination with emphasis on Johnny Roselli. Fitton also adds two chapters from his time travel novel 1961 which characterizes Johnny Roselli.

Mr. King's Fiction

Robert P. Fitton enjoyed watching 11.22.63 based on the novel by Stephen King. Fitton liked the timeline but having studied the JFK assassination, he is not thrilled with the erroneous portrayal of Lee Harvey Oswald. The character in the movies, some of the events, and the supposition that Oswald was a communist is just not grounded in reality. Included are two audio chapters, events sourced, as well as commentary by Fitton. 1963, the spying on Lee Harvey Oswald and the plot to kill President Kennedy is introduced by Fitton as an interactive digital edition: Spring 2016.

How Could I have Been So Stupid?

JFK, the Bay of Pigs and Robert P. Fitton's time travel novel 1961.

“ A Time for Peace.”

Robert P. Fitton corrects the record. Lee Harvey Oswald was not in the sixth floor window during the Kennedy assassination. Fitton reads an actual account of an important witness who knew Oswald and saw him in the Texas School Book Depository lunchroom five minutes before the shooting. JFK researcher

Barry Ernest proves in a compilation of interviews how Oswald could not have been on the sixth floor.

Buell Wesley Fraizer then explains how the Mannlicher-Carcano rifle could not fit into the bag Oswald brought to work.

Part of Fitton’s most important chapter in his novel 1963 clarifies Oswald’s whereabouts during the assassination.

The voice of the Most Reverend Philip M. Hannan at JFK’s funeral mass reads from Ecclesiastes as the President’s eternal flame flickers at Arlington National Cemetery.

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