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New Orleans, August, 1963

(Oswald did it, right?)

Oswald is sent to New Orleans to work for the FBI and the CIA. Primary objective was to destroy the Fair Play For Cuba Committee... and brand Oswald as a Marxist for November 22nd.

George Joannides

Chief of Psychological Warfare

CIA JM/WAVE station in Miami.

Among his primary responsibilities were guiding, monitoring and financing the Revolutionary Cuban Student Directorate or DRE, one of the largest and most effective anti-Castro groups in the United States. CIA records show, and the group's former leaders confirm, that Joannides provided them with up $18-25,000 per month while insisting they submit to CIA discipline. Joannides, in his job evaluation of 31 July 1963, was credited with having established control over the group. 

Jefferson Morely-The George Joannides Coverup


The CIA had an anti-Fair Play for Cuba Committee in operation run by David Atlee Phillips(left) and James McCord, who coordinated the Watergate break-in.

Oswald, after portraying himself as anti-Castro, deliberately provokes a confrontation with the DRE by disturbing Fair Play for Cuba pamphlets. This actions and arrests gets him radio time.

Guy Banister

544 Camp Street

Jim Garrison Playboy Interview excerpt

Playboy: Will you elaborate on this second point?

Garrison: Yes, because this incident ties together some of the strands of the spider’s web. At the time Oswald started his so–called Fair Play for Cuba Committee, two men — Hugh Ward and Guy Banister — operated a private investigative agency at 544 Camp Street in downtown New Orleans.

There are some intriguing aspects to their operation. For one thing, Guy Banister was one of the most militant right–wing anti–Communists in New Orleans. He was a former FBI official and his headquarters at 544 Camp Street was a clearinghouse for Cuban exile and paramilitary right–wing activities. Specifically, he allowed his office to be used as a mail drop for the anti–Castro Cuban Democratic Revolutionary Front; police intelligence records at the time reported that this group was “legitimate in nature and presumably had the unofficial sanction of the Central Intelligence Agency.” It did.

Banister also published a newsletter for his clients that included virulent anti–Kennedy polemics. My office also has evidence that Banister had intimate ties with the Office of Naval Intelligence and the CIA. Both Banister and Ward were deeply involved in covert anti–Castro exile activities in New Orleans. Banister in particular seemed to have had an almost messianic drive to fight communism in every country in Latin America; and he was naturally of value to Cuban exiles because of his intimate connections with American intelligence agencies.

In the Ramparts article you mentioned earlier, ex–FBI agent Bill Turner revealed that both Banister and Ward were listed in secret Minutemen files as members of the Minutemen and operatives of a group called the Anti–Communism League of the Caribbean, which was allegedly used by the CIA in the overthrow of the Guatemalan government in 1954. So, in other words, these are the last guys in the world you’d expect to find tied up with left–wing or pro–Castro activities. Right? And yet, when Lee Harvey Oswald set up his fictitious branch of the Fair Play for Cuba Committee in New Orleans, he distributed leaflets giving the committee’s address as 544 Camp Street — Guy Banister’s office!

Somebody must have pointed out to Oswald shortly afterward that he was endangering his cover by using this address, because he subsequently changed it to 4907 Magazine Street. But it’s certainly significant that at the inception of his public role as a pro–Castro activist, Oswald was utilizing the mailbox of the most militantly conservative and anti–Communist outfit in the city. I might add that we have several witnesses who will testify in court that they saw Oswald hanging out at 544 Camp Street.

I want to stress, however, that I have no evidence that Banister and Ward were involved in the plot to kill Kennedy. Their office was a kind of way station for anti–Castro and right–wing extremists passing through New Orleans, and it’s perfectly possible that they were completely unaware of the conspiracy being hatched by men like Ferrie and Oswald.

Playboy: Were any of the other figures in the alleged conspiracy connected with Banister?

Garrison: Yes, David Ferrie was a paid investigator for Banister, and the two men knew each other very well. During 1962 and 1963, Ferrie spent a good deal of time at 544 Camp Street and he made a series of mysterious long–distance phone calls to Central America from Banister’s office. We have a record of those calls.

Ed Butler:

"a very cooperative contact and has always welcomed an opportunity to assist the CIA." 

  -Jim DiEugenio  

Richard Case Nagell-

...said he had made arrangements for certain "smoking guns" to be divulged in the event of his death. These are likely to include a tape recording done surreptitiously by Nagell in the late summer of 1963, where at least four individuals--himself, Lee Harvey Oswald and two Cuban exiles--plotted the assassination of President Kennedy.

A photograph of Nagell and Oswald, which Nagell had a vendor take in New Orleans' Jackson Square, was said to be stashed in a bank vault in Zurich, Switzerland.

In summary, what Nagell has chosen to reveal about his role in the conspiracy goes like this: Under contract to the CIA, he undertook an assignment as a "double agent" who would cooperate with Soviet intelligence beginning in the autumn of 1962. Under KGB instructions from Mexico City, for a year he monitored discussions among a group of embittered Cuban exiles who were seeking to assassinate Kennedy and make it look as though Fidel Castro's Cuba was behind it. He was simultaneously asked to keep an eye on Lee Harvey Oswald, recently returned to America after his alleged "defection" to the USSR.

Oswald was brought into the conspiracy in July 1963, deceived into thinking he was working for Castro. Soviet intelligence ordered Nagell either to convince Oswald he was being set up to take the rap--or to kill him in Mexico City before the assassination could transpire. While both U S and Soviet intelligence agencies were aware of the conspiracy, it was the KGB--not the CIA or FBI--that attempted to prevent it. The Soviets, who had reached a growing accommodation with Kennedy after the 1962 Cuban missile crisis, were also afraid that the assassination would falsely be blamed upon them or the Cubans.


Web Page:

"Oswald in New Orleans"

We have Oswald pretending to be a Marxist, filmed and recorded on radio and TV by intelligence agencies. He even participates in a prearranged scuffle . In his journal Oswald outlined the fight a week before it happened and debates on the radio

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